Program 2018
26 May – 23 September
In 2018 Lustwarande presented the following program:
Hybrids, an exhibition that focussed on a generation of artists, often labeled as post-internet, which develops an artistic vocabulary with a very hybrid character, and
Brief Encounters ’18, moments of event sculptures taking place on two afternoons, in May and in September.
Also scheduled for 2018 is the publication Sculpture in the Anthropocene (working title), which contextualizes the exhibitions Luster (2016), Disruption (2017) and Hybrids.
Lustwarande is supported by the Mondriaan Fund,
the province of Noord-Brabant, the city of Tilburg, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, BPD Cultuurfonds and BoxTom.
Lustwarande appreciates your support.

Brief Encounters ’18 – 26 May
Shana Moulton – Trapped in a Pyramid Scheme (2018)

23 June – 23 September
Hybrids focussed on a generation of young artists, often labeled as post-internet, which takes our global, digital, and image-saturated world as a starting point for their work. This results in a vocabulary that is strikingly hybrid in character.
Hybrids presented new works by Neïl Beloufa (FR), Giulia Cenci (IT), Simon Denny (NZ), Oliver Laric (AU), Sarah Pichlkostner (AU), Timur Si-Qin (DE), Evita Vasiljeva (LV), Raphaela Vogel (DE), Anne de Vries (NL) and Dan Walwin (GB).
Curators: Chris Driessen & David Jablonowski
Hybrids appreciates your support.

Raphaela Vogel – In festen Händen (2018)

Brief Encounters ’18
26 May & 16 September
Under the title Brief Encounters a number of event sculptures, forms of sculpture which are limited in time, will be presented every year. The duration of a work may vary from a few minutes to several months. This focus on event sculpture stems from the increasing interest in this form of time based art.
On 16 September Brief Encounters ’18 presented new event sculptures by Davide Balula (FR), Thorsten Brinkmann (DE) and Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (PH).
These were precedented on 26 May with performances by Lee Mingwei (TW), Shana Moulton (US) and Nick Steur (NL).

Brief Encounters ’18 appreciates your support.

Brief Encounters ’18 – 16 September
Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen – Mobile Mirrors (2012-2018)