29.09.2019 14:00-17:00
Delirious Lustwarande

book launch

On the occasion of the tenth exhibition in De Oude Warande, Delirious, Lustwarande is publishing Delirious Lustwarande Excursions in Contemporary Sculpture III in this jubilee year. In addition to documentation of the works in this exhibition, documentation of all works in the previous four editions (Hybrids (2018), Disruption (2017), Luster (2016) and Rapture & Pain (2015)) will also be included. Together the five exhibitions provide a clear picture of the state of the art in contemporary sculpture in public space.

To provide the exhibitions and the works with a broader context, Lustwarande has invited three authors to write an essay especially for this publication:

Dominic van den Boogerd, art critic and coordinator artistic supervision and research at De Ateliers, Amsterdam
Johan Pas, art historian and head of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp
Domeniek Ruyters, art historian and editor in chief art magazine Metropolis M, Utrecht

Delirious Lustwarande has 240 pages, contains full color images and has a linen hardcover. Texts are in English and Dutch.
Jubilee price: € 45 (instead of € 50). Valid up to and including 20 October.
Shipping costs: Netherlands: € 6.50 / Other countries: variable

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Location: Faculty Club, next to carpark Tilburg University.