Brief Encounters '22 #1

3 event sculptures

Participating artists:

Caz Egelie (NL) – Joris Roosen (NL) – Mette Sterre (NL)

In 2022 Lustwarande is organizing the programme Brief Encounters programme for the fifth time. As the title implies, Brief Encounters are short-lived, ephemeral event sculptures that can only be experienced for one afternoon. Every year two editions are staged, one in July and one in September.

Brief Encounters '22 #1 will take place on Sunday, July 10. From 2 p.m., three new event sculptures by the Dutch artists Caz Egelie, Joris Roosen and Mette Sterre can be experienced.

Curators: Chris Driessen & Steven Vandervelden (director STUK and Playground, Louvain)

Caz Egelie - The bat of one lash ( 2021) site specific performance in Hadassah Emmerich's The Harvest, courtesy CENTRALE Brussels

Caz Egelie - “?? - wait, I thought I was supposed to be a generous cook in a greasy kitchen” - true stories told by The Prompter (2022) proposal for Brief Encounters '22

Joris Roosen - from the series Masks (2020) photography Joris Roosen

Joris Roosen - Encounter/Reunion (2022), proposal for Brief Encounters '22 - photography Joris Roosen

Mette Sterre - Abcession (If you don't know, you don't grow) (2021) photography Nyre Tiessen

Mette Sterre - Structurealist (2015) photography Richard Baybutt