Godhead - Idols in Times of Crisis


Alma Allen - installation view at Kasmin Gallery, New York, 2020

Evgeny Antufiev - Untitled (2018)

Huma Bhabha - Prime traveler (2021) painted bronze, 231 x 60 x 60 cm

Gisela Colón - The Future is Now (25 Foot Parabolic Monolith Iridium) (2020)

Kim Dacres - Wisdom embedded in the treads, installation view GAVLAK Gallery Los Angeles, 2020

Hans Josephsohn - Untitled (1991)

Susanne Ring - Antik (2021)

Lukas Schmenger - Untitled (Submission) (2020) cast aluminum, steel, screws, 97 x 120 x 50 cm

Henk Visch - Le Manteau (2021)

Not Vital - HEAD (self portrait) (2013)

Now, in the wake of anti-racism demonstrations in the United States and Europe, with statues of historically charged figures daubed with paint, toppled from their pedestals and removed from city squares, renewed reflection on the concept of idol, in a broad sense, is called for.

GODHEAD – Idols in Times of Crisis investigates the power of contemporary figurative and abstract sculpture as idols by presenting a connected yet very diverse group of works which, to a greater or lesser extent, consciously or unconsciously, refer to the tradition of devotional sculpture, the statue, the monument, the totem and the fetish, all in their own individual way.

GODHEAD – Idols in Times of Crisis aims to present a select sample of contemporary idols, an alternative scenario for the empty pedestals that are emerging, a scenario that can offer new meaning, hope and support to the public space. Presenting these sculptures in the public space, or even better, in a woodland setting, where humans, nature and art come together, lends them greater strength. For the viewer, these works may evoke associations with primal images, such as the Venus van Willendorf and the Löwenmensch, even though each depicts ideas and ideals of the modern day in its own way.

Among participating artists are Alma Allen (US), Evgeny Antufiev (RU), Huma Bhabha (PK), Gisela Colón (US), Kim Dacres (US), Hans Josephsohn (CH), Susanne Ring (DE), Lukas Schmenger (DE), Henk Visch (NL) and Not Vital (CH).