Nocturnal Readings

reading sessions

For STATIONS, Marien Schouten has made an architectural sculpture of plywood. Two spaces, the size of an average living room, are slightly tilted and connected by a passage. In the backroom, the visitor encounters a chair, a cubboard and a bed, all made of the same plywood. Besides these objects Schouten has added a ceramic sculpture. In the frontroom the artist has presented a painting by himself.

Nocturnal Reading is a development of A Reader's Bedroom (2019), a wooden space containing furniture-like objects attached to the walls and floor. Schouten’s furniture-like objects are not considered part of an interior. They are miniature translations of the architecture.

Nocturnal Reading is not only a formal architectural sculpture but also an expression of the state of insomnia and at the same time a way of countering that condition, which Schouten often suffers from himself, when he spends the night hours reading.

Marien Schouten - Nocturnal Reading (2021) photography Gert Jan van Rooij
Made possible with additional support of the Mondriaan Fonds


During STATIONS a programme of nightly reading sessions will take place in this architectural sculpture: Nocturnal Readings. To this end, Schouten has invited a number of people, who play or have played an important role in his life, to read a text of their choice during a nightly hour. The texts read aloud thus manifest themselves as voices in a dream.

Nocturnal Readings takes place every Saturday at 2am, from 9 September on every Wednesday and Saturday at 2am. They are without an audience but will be recorded. The recordings can be seen on Vimeo and Instagram.

Programme 07.08 - 02.10

07.08: #1 Sjef Voets: passage from The Noise of Time (2016) by Julian Barnes
14.08: #2 Roos Theuws: passage from Austerlitz (2001) by W.G. Sebald
21.08: #3 Paul Kleijne: passage from Erinnerungsräume (1992) by Aleida Assmann
28.08: #4 Gayathri Subramanian: The Landlady (1959) by Roald Dahl, from her home in Bangalore, India
04.09: #5 IJsbrand Hummelen: passages from In Praise of Shadows (1933) by Junichiro Tanizaki
08.09: #6 Maria Roosen: edit of De rijke bramenplukker (1952) by Godfried Bomans
11.09: #7 Anami Schrijvers: passage from Causality and Chance in Modern Physics (1971) by David Bohm
15.09: #8 Ernst van Alphen: chapter from Nightwood (1936) by Djuna Barnes
18.09: #9 Philip van den Hurk: Todesfuge (1948) by Paul Celan

The rest of the progamme follows asap.

Gayathri Subramanian

IJsbrand Hummelen